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How To Plan a Trip?


We all love to go out and explore, the troubling part is the process of planning. Here, we have put together a step-by-step guide for you to plan your trip that will make the process easier and less daunting.

Finalize the Location/Destination

Before chalking out other details, zero in on the location. Most people make vague plans and talk about going on a trip, but don't decide where exactly they want to go. It is very important to decide on a destination because then it becomes easier for you to plan.

How Long to Be Away

Before you start budgeting your trip, you must first know for how many days you will be traveling or vacationing. You can't finalize a figure or start saving without knowing how long you'll be staying at your destination. So whenever you say "I am going to Goa", add "for 4 nights 5 days".

Travel Cost

Now that you've zeroed in on your destination and how many days you're going to be there, the next big step is to calculate the cost of the entire trip. The cost depends on various factors such as mode of travel, hotel preference and how many people (adults and children) you are traveling with.

Start Saving

Once you've locked down the destination, figured out your travel and living expenses, it's time to start saving for the trip. Jot down all your daily expenses or use the app on your Smartphone to log your expenses. This will help you determine where you spent your money and how you can cut back.

Credit Cards Can Be Rewarding

Some credit cards let you earn sign-up bonuses by redeeming points and miles for specific hotel stays or travel on specific flights. Be specific about what you need and don't sign up for multiple cards; Focus on one or two cards maximum. Do it as soon as possible the moment you decide to travel. Time lost is equal to marks lost.

Check Last-minute Deals

It's better to plan in advance but if you still want to save a few extra bucks, check out the deals online. You can get a sailing tour to Lakshadweep with 70% off or a 7-day cruise package with 50% off. It's a big world out there and it never hurts to choose Plan B over A, being flexible always helps save money for the next trip.

Book Your Tickets

Make sure you use your travel credit card and get sign-up bonus points, now you can use miles to book your flight ticket. Always try and book as early as possible to get your desired flights, otherwise it becomes difficult to get tickets.

Book Your Accommodation

It is recommended that you book your hotel in advance. Looking for a good hotel and a lucrative deal on your arrival can get quite tiresome and dampen your mood hence it is better to book way in advance. You can browse through hotels and rooms online and even save some extra bucks.

Plan Your Itinerary

Google Destinations and make a list of all the necessary trips, places, clubs and restaurants. You can also ask your hotel manager for suggestions. Planning ahead will help you figure out whether or not you'll have extra cash.

Automate Your Bills

Needless to say, go paperless (good for the environment too) and pay your recurring bills online. This is only if you are planning a trip for more than 2 weeks, else you can skip it.

Inform Card Companies

When traveling abroad, it is better to inform your credit card companies that you will be traveling. This way they won't flag your transaction or block your card if they are suspicious.

Buy Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is like medical protection when you are abroad, they cover you even if your flight gets cancelled, camera breaks, something gets stolen or you have to cut your trip short due to an emergency. It falls these are guidelines that can help you organize and plan your trip.

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