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Say the word "Goa" and lazy palm fronds, gold sands, hippies with beer, dance parties and yoga parlours may come to mind. This Indian Ocean gemstone was established as a solid favourite on the Hippy Trail of the 70s, and some as they say… history.

Beach shacks and cottages (mainly) have been “developed” into local timber planks: constructed to attract high rollers; only the top rollers didn’t do it. Instead, for the most part, package tours have entered Goa in recent decades, leaving a high wave of garbage behind.

Much of the ocean has fallen into major tourism: Originally from Europe, then from Russia, and now from India, too. In a way, it is Goa's fault: once known as the land of hedonism, people flock to find out for themselves.

Along with mass construction came a little planning: The waste was thrown out of sight and out of the mind without proper disposal, the sewage went straight into the sea.

Tourism in Goa has created many problems as it has opportunities: But is there still a way to go to Goa without a lot of tourism?

Here is your search begins with The must things to do in Goa

How to Travel?
Famous for its beach life, Goa is best enjoyed under the bright sun. Normally, the tourist season in Goa is from November to the end of March. April is when the school in India closed in the summer and you may have seen many local families going to Goa. Come every weekend, a thousand-year-old Indians working in nearby cities on their way to Goa to chase the sunset across the Arabian Sea. The crowd does not scatter there during the heavy rains.

The winter months in Goa usually have a very pleasant climate. They don’t make you shiver under a blanket, or force challenging moisture. Summer can be different, though, when the bright sun heats everything along the way.

You will probably get in from Bombay - which means it is only the second 45-minute flight to Goa.


Beaches are one of the prime reason and one of the most important thing to do in Goa. One of the most famous beaches in Goa is Vagator beach, which is combining three beaches. Everyone loves going there for a shack beach lunch or a beautiful Thalassa lunch.

Anjuna Beach is very crowded but beautiful. At night the beach is alive with trance parties. You can get a 30-minute foot massage for about Rupees 200 on both beaches.

Candolim Beach: the best in North Goa. The crowd is respectable. The slums were beautiful. Nearby restaurants served delicious food. Nightlife is also good.

Ashwem Beach: A very beautiful beach with white sand and blue sand. Rocks have been found which is why it is slightly hidden in the outside world. secret and sky. There is no shack nearby.

Vagator Beach: A beach that looks great as you get a view of the cliff. Chapora fort is nearby which is a wonderful place to catch a sunset!

Colva Beach: The only beach in Goa where I found pure water flowing across despite a large crowd during independence day. There is a shack near where they serve Bengali food! I think it was called Sonar Bangla. A local fishing boat is creating beautiful photo ops on the beach of Colva.

Palolem Beach: One of the most beautiful beaches in South Goa. It comes quickly with many activities, local markets and food joints nearby.

Monsoon in Goa

Monsoon in Goa is pretty good. Raindrops from the grasslands and countryside turned green, filling the rising Mandovi River. But the Arabian Sea is a dangerous place, and many seas are not allowed to swim. Water areas are usually closed during heavy rains. The beach slums are no more.

Go to Goa during the rainy season, if you like nature. However, in the perfect Goa post office where the golden sand beaches stretch to the end, full of coconut trees, you need to wait until the dry winter month.

Many seas and beach slums are often closed during the monsoon season. Be aware of the fact that incessant rain can also create turbulent seas.

Now to summarize must things to do In Goa

Goa is hailed as the capital of India. With many beautiful beaches in Goa, Baga is one of the longest in the world. Sometimes they are hidden in a cliff, sometimes outside. Some beaches in Goa protect lakes. Some of them come from ocean waves. Beach hopping is what you should do while in Goa.