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Are you looking for a fun and refined travel experience? Then, you must visit Kufri. It is the best destination that showcases and presents nature at its best. It is also the perfect place to satiate your photographer's soul. So, without delay, let us state the best attractions, things, or activities to do here and the connecting points.

Places to visit in Kufri

  • Mahasu Peak: It is one of the mesmerizing spots to visit in Kufri and to have a view of the entire landscape of the region.
  • Himalayan Nature Park: Witness the rare, distinctive, rich flora and fauna at this best tourist place.
  • Green Valley: Filled with cedars and pines, this spot is one of the splendid spots to enjoy scenic beauty and charm.
  • Kufri Fun World: Indulge in the exciting, fun activities and stir the thrill and adventure hidden in you.
  • Indira Tourist Park: It is not just a tourist spot; it has more to discover about our nation.

Things to do in Kufri

  • Trekking: Kufri is counted among the nation's most popular and best trekking spots. So, fill your spirits with extreme adventure.
  • Horse Riding: Discover the town the classic way by enjoying the thrilling and amazing horse ride.
  • Snow Trail Camping: It is one of the perfect ways to enjoy the snow and experience its charm at its best.
  • Hiking: Have the perfect hiking experience in Kufri and satiate the thrill seeker hidden inside you.
  • Yak Ride: Looking for more activities? So last but not least is the Yak Ride to have that fabulous Kufri experience.

Best Stay in Kufri

A few of the most popular hotels in Kufri to stay:

Galleu Hill

Galleu Hill

Kufri Pacific Resort

Kufri Pacific Resort

Toshali Royal View

Toshali Royal View

How to reach Kufri

  • Airport: Shimla Airport
  • Railway Station: Kalka Railway Station and Shimla Railway Station


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