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Neemrana is an ancient town that may not be big, but it offers a fascinating experience to those looking for a weekend getaway. Though it is only famous for the fort, there are other attractions to see and visit here and things to do. We will also provide you with information about the connecting points to Neemrana.

Places to visit in Neemrana

  • Neemrana Fort Palace: Experience the luxurious vacation; you may imagine having the best holidays here.
  • Sariska National Park: It is one the best tourist attractions for all those who love the great wildlife, especially the tigers.
  • Baori: Baori is one of the perfect historic spots to visit near Neemrana, and it showcases the splendid and magnificent beauty of old-age architecture.
  • Alwar Fort or Bala Quila: If you want to look at the city’s breathtaking views, this place is the best visit for all travelers.
  • Vinay Vilas Mahal: If you want to have a glimpse of the royal lifestyle, then the Vinay Vilas Mahal is the best place to visit.

Things to do in Neemrana

  • Ziplining: In Neemrana, travelers may enjoy Ziplining at Neemrana Fort Palace to satiate their adventurous souls.
  • Spa and Pool: You may relax and rejuvenate yourself at the spa and pool at the Neemrana Fort Palace.
  • Enjoy Cultural Events: The travelers may enjoy the cultural events every weekend at Neemrana.
  • Vintage Car Ride: If you are affectionate about Vintage Cars, this activity is the best in Neemrana. It is available for resident guests only.
  • Camel Ride: Enjoy the Camel Ride and explore the nearby villages and magnificent gardens on the camel cart.

Best Stay in Neemrana

A few of the most popular hotels in Neemrana to stay:

Ramada Resort

Ramada Resort

Shiva Oasis

Shiva Oasis

How to reach Neemrana

  • Airport: Delhi Airport and Jaipur Airport
  • Railway Station: Alwar Railway Station


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