EXIT OPTIONS & Terms of Refund:

If purchaser(s)/member(s) find any defect with the agreement,the purchaser(s) can rescind/cancel the agreement,you must notify the company in writing,or by registered post at its corporate office: 212(B), Modi Tower, Nehru Place,ND-19 in any case the date of cancellation will be at the date on which signing the agreement is received and accepted by The Hilton Holidays International.

As this incurs administrative cost Mktg., processing fees and retention charges by The Hilton Holidays International,the cancellation charges will apply on the following scale; number of days after signing of agreement The deposit amount will be refunded after deducting (1) 1-7 days 30% (2) 08-15 Days 50% (3) 16-21 Days 75% (4) 21 days 100%

The refund back amount shall be paid after 30 days from the date of receipt of cancellation request letter. If no information is received within above said days of signing the agreement.It shall be presumed/assumed that the Terms & Conditions of the agreement and rule of memberships are accepted by the purchaser.

Please Note:

In case of any valid point of dissatisfaction, the member can cancel their membership within 7 days of availing their first holiday by writing to us at info@thehiltonholidays.com. Refunds will be processed after deducting administration charges, AMC and GST. This refund policy will not be applicable for premium/promotional membership/vacation ownership.