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Alleppey is famous for its natural beauty. Backwaters, which is a major tourist attraction, attracted a large number of tourists to this southern city. Cool backwaters and houseboats are two attractions, covering most of Alleppey's other attractions. Apart from this, you will encounter amazing things you can do in Alleppey that should be included in your travel plan.

Kuttanad: Enjoy rural life
Kuttanad is all about paddy fields, waterways, coconut groves, fishing, duck farming and spice planting. It is famous for its Indian Rice Bowl. And it is the lowest point of India and surprisingly, you will be able to explore what farming 4-10 ft below sea level.

Try Watching Birds
So the Alleppey River is home to some of the rarest and most beautiful migratory birds in the world. Stilled Billed and White-Throated Kingfisher, White Breasted Waterhen, Black Drongo, Asian Palm Swift, and Jungle Myna can be ready to lock your camera doors, anytime.

Now, all of this can be done while boating or kayaking in the same beautiful Alleppey waters. There is a dedicated bird watching tour that can be packed into a clubbed by boat or kayaking packages.

Try some Ayurvedic Massage
Ayurveda in Kerala needs no introduction, as well as the spa resorts in Alleppey. There are a few resorts that promise Ayurveda treatment for chronic and rare diseases. How well they work is consistent, but the leisure and massage areas here ensure relaxation and renewal which is the divine boundary.

Visit the Temples
Therefore, the birthplace of Ayurveda and the land of God himself will not be fully visited without spending a few minutes or hours in the beautiful churches and temples of Alleppey. The city behind the water is a testament to the prosperity of Christianity and Hinduism. There are temples and churches - quite a number - that preserve the regional values and traditions. St Mary's Church, Nagaraja Temple, Chettikulangara Bhagavathy Temple, St Andrew's Florence Forance Church, Ambalapuzha Krishna Temple, Latin Catholic Church are among the most popular religious sites you can visit in Alleppey.

If you are wandering around the city we recommend that you stay in Lake Palace
The hotel overlooks Vembanad Lake and is surrounded by paddy fields, this relaxing style hotel is 4.8 km from Alappuzha Beach, lighthouse home, and 2.6 km from Mullakkal Temple.

High-end cottages offer minibar, Wi-Fi and TVs; others are built on a private lake. Improved cottages include pool views, dining tables and small refrigerators; others have separate living quarters, more televisions, and tea and coffee shops. Room service is available.

There is a restaurant, bar and 24-hour coffee shop. Other resources include gymnastics, Ayurvedic medicine and the outer pool east of the lake. Breakfast and parking are available.