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La Hermitage

Have you seen the dews falling, the grass growing, birds dancing or the stars speaking to. Probably No you have not, and that’s the reason we want you to join us in our endeavour to explore and learn about nature. So what’s holding you back from this magnificent journey of exploration and learning, the by-product of which shall be pure Bliss and unwinding of our sense. Alkaline—yes that’s the mantra for the body, soul, feelings and attire. Achieve Alkaline. Journey to La hermitage resort Lansdowne is of peace, tranquillity and exploration. Conveniently located at 5 hrs journey from Delhi/NCR, the property is THE only resort in Lansdowne that encapsulates the Nature. Hermitage Hill is spread across 55 acres and offers a pictorial view of the Mandaal River on the west side, Dense Jungle of Jim Corbett on the south, Lansdowne Town on the North and The Mighty Himalayas on the Western side. Organic is the way of life at Hermitage hill. Eat Organic, live organic and practice organic. Achieve Alkaline Hermitage Hill is home to rich Flora and Fauna along with Birds. The vicinity is of Jungle and dense trails of walks leading to the hillocks. Come let’s embark of this journey of learning and unwinding.

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